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B& B Directory

This Bed and Breakfast directory contains tens of thousands of registered Bed and Breakfasts (B&B), hotels, motels, guesthouses, caravan sites, self catering cottages and more across the whole of the UK and Ireland. The idea behind the site is that we present all the relevant information that you need to identify which is the right Bed and Breakfast for you with none of the complexity of a regular hotel site. We simple have pages for each town or attraction in the UK and then list B&B accommodation either in that town or near the attraction.

What most people want from a B&B directory is accommodation listed in order of price. If you can get a similar standard of Bed and Breakfast for the same price as a more expensive one, then why not go for the cheaper one. This is a UK Bed and Breakfast directory that focuses finding you the best accommodation at the right price. Within this directory, you will find that some accommodation listings provide links directly to the website of the relevant establishment. In this case, simply click through and follow their booking instructions. In other cases, this accommodation directory may list hotels and bed and breakfasts which you can book via online systems our partners at laterooms.

For each town the directory sections are provided for accommodation which you can book directly with the establishment and then in the second section down accommodation which you can book online. The choice is yours. We hope you enjoy the simplicity of this Bed and Breakfast directory.

Plan your Holiday

This site is your place to find accommodation in the UK that fit your needs, and your budget. In this comprehensive UK bed and breakfast directory we have listings for tens of thousands of B&B, caravan sites, hotels, motels, and guest houses. The thing that sets this B&B directory apart from other sites is its simplicity; we present the relevant information in a simple to use straight forward manner. When using our B and B directory you will find it to be neatly organized according, to town, attractions, and even lists hotels near colleges and universities. The easy to use accommodation directory list both contact information for the establishment you’re interested in, as well as a link to book your stay online.

Another fantastic feature of our hotel directory is that we automatically list available hotels in order of price. This makes it easy to compare prices of your potential accommodations. Unlike most sites where you have to take notes and bounce around to find the best deal you simply have to scroll down using this bed and breakfast directory. We also have some search functions that are unique to our directory of hotels. We offer listings of hotels near Universities (by university name), hotels near London tube stations, and many other unique categories.

Money Saving and More

Our bed and breakfast accommodation directory is even set up to save you money when you decide to book. If you find suitable accommodations in the BB directory and would like to book online there are links for you to click that will direct you to the site where you may book your room. Many of the links will take you straight to the website of the hotel you wish to book, however, some will take you to our partner site. Our bed breakfast directory partners with laterooms which has access to discounted pricing with a limited number of the hotels and bed & breakfasts in our accommodation directory. We regularly update the B & B directory to be sure that you are always routed to the best price. All of the convenience and simplicity offered by our directory of hotels is meant to make it easier and cheaper for you to book your next holiday. We understand that in these tough economic times people wish to save a bit of money when booking a bed and breakfast, UK directory tries to make it easy to do just that. The philosophy of this UK hotel directory is to get you the most for your money. Using our bed and breakfast directory you may find that you can afford nicer or more conveniently located accommodations than you had originally thought possible. If a family-run B&B costs less than a generic hotel and offers the same amount of luxury and comfort why would you pay more for the hotel?

If you’ve had enough of pulling your hair out at another, more complicated bed and breakfast directory you ought to have a look at what our B & B directory has to offer. We feel confident that you’ll find the accommodations you need at a price you can afford in this B&B directory. We’ve streamlined our hotel directory so that the only thing frustrating you is making a decision between staying at the charming bed and breakfast or the chic hotel. All you need to do is enter the town, country, attraction, or university that you’re planning to holiday in or around and our comprehensive accommodations directory will show you all the options in that area. This B&B directory does not believe in confusing our users with a heap of useless information that one must sift through in order to obtain necessary facts. Our UK hotel directory posts only the important and useful information provided to us by hotels, we sift through the unnecessary information so you don’t have to.

We strive to be more than just an ordinary b & b directory which is why we go above and beyond to be user friendly and friendly to our users. We have built home pages into our UK hotel directory for each of the countries, towns, or attractions you may wish to visit. Those pages offer a bit more than a run of the mill bed and breakfast accommodation directory. The home pages are filled with information about the area that you’re choosing to visit. They also offer great travel tips from the best things to pack for a holiday in Ireland to the benefits of selecting a London hotel near a tube station. The advice portion of our hotel directory will even help you decide which seaside town in the UK would be the best choice for your next holiday. We’re confident that once you’ve received all the great benefits our bed & breakfast directory has to offer you will never give another accommodation directory the time of day. It’s doubtful you’ll find another directory of hotels with an easy to use design, access to discount prices, great travel tips,and tens of thousands of accommodations to choose from.