Brogdale Collections Faversham

Brogdale Collections , Brogdale Farm Brogdale Road, Faversham, ME13 8XZ

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Brogdale Collections
Brogdale Farm is the home of the National Fruit Collections, the largest collection of fruit trees and plants in the world. Over 2,200 different varieties of apple, 550 of pear, 350 of plum, 320 of cherry and smaller collections of bush fruits, nuts and grapes are grown here in 150 acres of beautiful orchards. Guided Tours on foot around the fruit collections take place regularly throughout the day from mid-March to November and last about an hour. Our knowledgeable guides take you to the most interesting and attractive parts of the orchards to view the fruit varieties at various stages from blossom through to harvest. Self-Guided Walks, also take place from mid-March to November, where you can stroll around the orchard route at your own leisurely pace.