Pinky Murphys Cafe Fowey

Pinky Murphys Cafe, 19 North Street, Fowey, PL23 1DB

Pinky Murphys Cafe
Prices at Pinky Murphys Cafe Fowey from 4.95 This is one of my favourite places in Cornwall... ...Actually, one of my favourite places anywhere! It's the delightfully mismatched, ultra relaxed cafe, Pinky Murphy's in Fowey. Everything is perfect here. It doesn't matter which chair you end up sat in, it's comfortable, it doesn't matter what book you pick from the shelves to read, it's got something in it that you just have to read out to the people you're with, it doesn't matter whether you order the scone or the carrot cake, they're both equally amazing! Inexplainably (but brilliantly!) there's a bucket of unfinished knitting by some of the tables, which means if you fancy it, you can add to the scarf that someone started last year! Which the girls had a go at! If you're ever in that part of the world, it really is worth a visit, the staff are great, everything is relaxed, the food is cracking and it's even kid friendly! What more do you want!?