Therapeutic Counselling and Clinical Hypnosis Farnborough

Therapeutic Counselling and Clinical Hypnosis, 105 Alexandra Road, Farnborough, GU14 6BN

Therapeutic Counselling and Clinical Hypnosis
Sometimes people think they will lose control if they seek hypnosis as a means of overcoming a problem linked to either their personal life or medical condition. If some issue is giving you a problem and you cannot quite solve it then clinical hypnosis could be worth considering. Sometimes it is possible to be treated without the therapist knowing what the issue is and this protocol opens your inner resources up to you privately to find your own answers during the clinical process. Hypnosis is a pleasant experience with sometimes remarkable results being recognised quite quickly. To inquire or to arrange an appointment email Carol at: c arol @ talkingforheal (when emailing please close the gaps in the address), . Hypnosis can be combined with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or other therapy models if appropriate. Based in Central London and Farnborough Hampshire. BACP Code of Ethics. HE Diploma Clinical Hypnosis, Diploma Therapeutic Counselling. No harm in finding out if this will help. (Please Note: For medical conditions permission is needed from your main treatment practitioner.)