Premier Inn

Premier Inn Bettws Cedewain

There is no Premier Inn in Bettws Cedewain, UK. However, there are plenty of other hotels in the area that offer a similar level of quality and comfort as a Premier Inn. The most popular hotel in the area is the Brynawelon Hotel which offers spacious rooms, free Wi-Fi and a full English breakfast each morning. The hotel also has an onsite restaurant serving traditional Welsh cuisine.

The prices at Brynawelon are very competitive when compared to those offered by Premier Inn and can be up to 30% cheaper for stays over two nights or more. In addition, Brynawelon offers discounts for guests who book their stay online or by phone rather than in person. This makes it even more cost effective for visitors to enjoy a great stay without breaking the bank!

If you're looking for something closer to a true Premier Inn experience then you may want to consider staying at the Yew Tree Country Hotel near Llandrindod Wells which is around 15 miles away from Bettws Cedewain. This hotel boasts luxurious bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and large flat screen TVs as well as an onsite bar and restaurant offering delicious home cooked meals throughout the day. Prices here are slightly higher than at Brynawelon but still remain very reasonable when compared with those charged by Premier Inn.

The nearest actual Premier Inn is located in Newtown which is just over 20 miles away from Bettws Cedewain so if you're looking for something even closer then this might be your best option. Newtown's Premier Inn offers comfortable rooms with all of the amenities one would expect from such an established chain including free Wi-Fi access throughout and complimentary toiletries upon