Premier Inn

Premier Inn Buckfastleigh

Unfortunately, there is no Premier Inn in Buckfastleigh, UK. However, there are two hotels that are most like a Premier Inn - the Buckfast Abbey Hotel and the River Dart Country Park. Both of these hotels offer excellent value for money and provide comfortable accommodation with modern amenities.

The Buckfast Abbey Hotel offers guests rooms with en-suite bathrooms, flat screen TVs and tea/coffee making facilities. The hotel also has a restaurant which serves delicious meals throughout the day. The River Dart Country Park provides guests with luxury lodges set in stunning surroundings as well as traditional camping sites. All of their lodges come equipped with modern kitchens, living areas and bedrooms so you can really make yourself at home during your stay.

Both of these hotels are similar to a Premier Inn in terms of quality but they do not have the same prices as a Premier Inn would charge. The prices at both of these hotels vary depending on what type of room or lodge you choose but generally speaking they tend to be slightly more expensive than those offered by Premier Inn.

If you're looking for an alternative to staying at a Premier Inn near Buckfastleigh then the nearest one is located about 10 miles away in Plymouth city centre. This particular location offers all the usual amenities associated with a Premier Inn such as comfortable rooms, an on-site bar and restaurant plus free Wi-Fi access throughout the building. If you're willing to travel further then there are other locations around Devon such as Exeter and Torquay that also have Premier Inns available too!