Premier Inn

Premier Inn Bushy Park

Unfortunately, there is no Premier Inn located in Bushy Park, UK. However, if you are looking for a hotel that offers similar amenities and comfort as a Premier Inn, then there are three excellent options available to you.

The first option is The Hampton Court Palace Hotel. Located just outside of Bushy Park, this hotel provides guests with a luxurious stay at an affordable price. The rooms are spacious and come with all the amenities you would expect from a high-end hotel such as free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. In addition, the staff are friendly and accommodating which makes it feel like home away from home. Prices at this hotel are comparable to those of Premier Inn hotels, so you can be sure that your stay will be comfortable without breaking the bank.

The second option is The Mews Hotel Teddington which is located just two miles away from Bushy Park. This modern boutique hotel offers stylish and comfortable rooms that come with all the necessary amenities such as complimentary toiletries and flat-screen TVs. It also boasts an onsite bar and restaurant which serves delicious food for guests to enjoy during their stay. Prices here are slightly higher than those of Premier Inn hotels but still offer great value for money considering the level of comfort provided by this establishment.

The third option is The Foxhills Club & Resort which is situated four miles away from Bushy Park in Ottershaw Village. This luxurious resort offers guests world class facilities including a spa, golf course, swimming pool and fitness centre amongst other things. Rooms here come equipped with all the necessary amenities such as air conditioning and tea/coffee making facilities along with stunning views over the surrounding countryside. Prices here are slightly higher than those offered by Premier Inn but still offer great value for money considering all the luxury features on offer here.

If none of these three options appeal to you then don’t worry – the nearest Premier Inn can be found seven miles away in Kingston upon Thames town centre which can easily be reached via public transport or car hire services if needed. With its convenient location close to central London attractions such as Hampton Court Palace and Richmond Park, it makes for an ideal base for exploring London’s many sights while still enjoying the comforts of a premier inn hotel chain at an affordable price point!