Premier Inn

Premier Inn Downside

Unfortunately, there is no Premier Inn located in Downside, UK. However, if you are looking for a hotel that is similar to Premier Inn, there are three hotels in Downside that may be able to meet your needs. The first is the Downside Hotel which offers a variety of rooms and amenities. The hotel has a modern feel to it and offers comfortable beds, complimentary breakfast, and free WiFi. Additionally, the hotel has an on-site restaurant and bar, as well as a leisure center with swimming pool and spa. The second hotel is the Downside Lodge which provides clean and comfortable accommodation in the heart of the city. The hotel also offers a range of services such as complimentary WiFi, free parking, and room service. Lastly, the Downside Inn is situated close to the town centre and offers a range of rooms with modern amenities.

The prices of these hotels are similar to Premier Inn but may not always be as competitively priced. However, they all provide good value for money and are sure to meet your needs while visiting Downside.

If you are looking for the nearest Premier Inn to Downside, UK then you will have to travel to Exeter which is approximately 40 miles away from Downside. Premier Inn Exeter Central is located near the city centre and provides comfortable accommodation with great facilities such as free WiFi, free parking and a restaurant on-site. It is well-connected to local attractions by public transport links or by car.

Overall, although there is no Premier Inn located in Downside, UK there are three hotels in Downside that offer similar amenities and services at competitive prices. If you wish to stay at a Premier Inn then you will have to travel 40 miles to Exeter where you will find the nearest one.