Premier Inn

Premier Inn Flitwick

Unfortunately, there is no Premier Inn in Flitwick, UK. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other great hotels in the area that are just as good as Premier Inn!

The first hotel I would recommend is the Bedford Swan Hotel. This hotel is situated in the heart of Bedford and has a beautiful view of the River Great Ouse. It has modern and comfortable rooms with all the amenities you could need for a great stay. The prices are similar to those at Premier Inn, so you won’t be breaking the bank if you choose to stay here. Plus, they offer free parking which is always a bonus!

The second hotel I would recommend is The White Horse Hotel. This hotel is located in Ampthill and has an old-fashioned charm about it. It offers cozy and comfortable rooms that are perfect for a relaxing getaway. The prices here are also very similar to those at Premier Inn, so you can still enjoy your stay without spending too much money. Plus, they have a restaurant on site which serves delicious food!

If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious then I would suggest staying at The Olde Swan at Aspley Guise. This stunning hotel has been beautifully restored and offers luxurious rooms with all the amenities you could need for a relaxing break away from home. Prices here are slightly higher than those at Premier Inn but it’s worth it for the extra comfort and luxury you will experience during your stay.

If none of these hotels take your fancy then don’t worry because there are plenty more to choose from in the local area! Just make sure to do some research before booking so that you can find the best deal possible.

Now, if you really want to stay at a Premier Inn then unfortunately you will have to travel further out of Flitwick as there isn’t one nearby. The nearest one is located in Luton which is approximately 11 miles away from Flitwick so it shouldn’t take too long to get there by car or public transport.

So if you’re looking for somewhere to stay near Flitwick then why not check out one of these great hotels? They all offer something different but they all provide excellent service and comfort so you can be sure that whichever one you choose, your stay will be enjoyable!