Premier Inn

Premier Inn Hermon

Well, unfortunately there is no Premier Inn in Hermon, UK. But don't worry! There are still three hotels that are like Premier Inn and it's almost just as good!

The first one is the Best Western Hermon Hotel which has a very nice view of the sea. It also offers a variety of rooms and services like room service, a bar, an indoor pool and lots more. Plus, they have a really friendly staff who are always willing to help with whatever you need. And the prices are quite similar to Premier Inn - they're not too expensive, but not too cheap either.

Next up we have the Castle Hotel which is located right next to Hermon Castle. This hotel has really beautiful rooms and it's filled with old-style furniture and decorations that make it feel really cozy and homey. Plus, you can get discounts if you stay multiple nights or book online in advance. The prices here are quite reasonable too - slightly cheaper than Premier Inn, but still worth every penny.

And lastly, we have the Moat Lodge which is an old English style hotel with a stunning garden and lots of trees around it. This hotel also offers delicious meals and the staff here is friendly and helpful too. Prices here are a bit more expensive than Premier Inn but still quite reasonable for what you get in return.

So there you have it! Three great alternatives to Premier Inn in Hermon, UK. If none of these suit your fancy though, then don't worry - the nearest Premier Inn is located in Aberystwyth which is about 24 miles away from Hermon. So if you're looking for something closer to home then this could be your best bet!