Premier Inn

Premier Inn Long Common

Ah, Long Common! Such a quaint little town full of charm and pleasant people. As much as I would love to tell you that there is a Premier Inn located in the area, unfortunately, it's just not so.

But don't worry - there are some awesome alternatives to choose from if you're looking for accommodations similar to Premier Inn. Three hotels that come highly recommended are The Kingfisher Meadow Hotel, Glenview House Bed & Breakfast and The Old Station at Epping Upland- all of which provide clean and comfortable rooms alongside other great amenities like free Wi-Fi access and flat screen TVs. What's more impressive is how these hotels offer competitive rates when compared with Premier Inn; so your wallet won't be complaining either!

If you're willing to travel out of Long Common for an authentic Premier Inn experience, then the closest one can be found at Harlow Town Centre – roughly 9 miles away from Long Common. It offers all the comforts mentioned before and even has its own bar/restaurant onsite called Thyme Bar & Kitchen where guests can enjoy a delicious meal or two during their stay. Plus, it even provides 24-hour reception services should any last minute changes need making or assistance given throughout your visit.

In conclusion: while we may not have our beloved Premier Inn here in Long Common - we do have some equally amazing hotel options available that provide great services as well as affordable prices too! If you're wanting a more authentic experience though then head over to Harlow Town Centre – only 9 miles away – where you'll find all the classic features associated with this popular chain of hotels plus convenient transportation links close by too!