Premier Inn

Premier Inn Old Dailly

Unfortunately, there is no Premier Inn in Old Dailly, UK. However, two of the best hotels in the area that are most like a Premier Inn are The Old Manor House Hotel and The Royal Oak Inn.

The Old Manor House Hotel provides comfortable accommodations for both leisure and business travelers alike. It features modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, a fully-equipped gym with sauna and steam room, and a bar and restaurant serving an array of delicious dishes. There is also an onsite car park providing plenty of parking space for guests. Prices at this hotel are competitively priced to be similar to those found at Premier Inn locations.

The Royal Oak Inn is another great option for those looking for a hotel experience similar to that provided by Premier Inn hotels. This charming inn offers cozy guest rooms with en-suite bathrooms as well as a pub offering tasty meals and drinks throughout the day. Additionally, they offer complimentary Wi-Fi throughout their premises plus secure parking facilities for guests' convenience. Like The Old Manor House Hotel, prices here are comparable to those found at premier inns too.

For anyone wanting to stay at a true Premier Inn however, the closest location would be located in Ayr which is about 18 miles away from Old Dailly. This location has all the benefits associated with staying at any one of these popular chain's establishments such as comfy beds and pillows, family rooms equipped with sofa beds or cribs if required, digital TV channels including Sky Sports 1 & 2 plus much more! Prices here will also be very similar to other Premier Inns across Britain making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants that familiar high quality service without breaking the bank!