Premier Inn

Premier Inn Over Whitacre

Over Whitacre is a lovely village located in the county of Warwickshire, UK. Although there is no Premier Inn hotel in this quaint area, visitors can still find quality accommodation with similar amenities and services to those provided by a Premier Inn.

The first such hotel is The Royal Oak, which has been providing excellent service for over 10 years now. The hotel offers comfortable, modern rooms with plenty of natural light coming in from the surrounding countryside. Rooms are also equipped with a flat-screen TV, tea and coffee facilities and Wi-Fi access. In addition, guests can enjoy a hearty breakfast every morning as well as free parking. Prices are very reasonable at around £65 per night and even lower during certain times of the year.

The second hotel that is comparable to a Premier Inn is the Country Manor Hotel & Spa. This luxurious property boasts a heated indoor swimming pool and sauna along with its own spa facility for an extra fee. The hotel's elegantly decorated rooms are equipped with air conditioning and come complete with all the amenities needed for a relaxing stay including complimentary Wi-Fi access and mini fridges stocked with refreshments. Prices here are slightly higher than at the Royal Oak but still highly competitive when compared to premier inns, ranging from around £85 per night to £110 depending on seasonality.

If you're looking for a more traditional Premier Inn experience then the nearest location would be in Tamworth, about 10 miles away from Over Whitacre. Here you will find rooms priced between £50 and £80 per night which includes complimentary breakfast, free parking and unlimited Wi-Fi access throughout your stay.

Overall, while there may not be a Premier Inn located in Over Whitacre itself, visitors can still find great value accommodation in nearby locations or even within