Premier Inn

Premier Inn Peckham

Unfortunately, there is no Premier Inn located in Peckham, UK. However, there are three hotels in Peckham that are most like a Premier Inn and provide a similar experience.

The first hotel is the My Place Hotel London - Elephant & Castle. This hotel offers modern rooms with free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. The staff at this hotel are friendly and helpful and they provide excellent customer service to all their guests. It also provides breakfast as well as other amenities such as laundry facilities, an ATM machine, a fitness centre and 24-hour reception services. The prices of this hotel are slightly higher than those of a Premier Inn but still very affordable for budget travellers looking for quality accommodation in Peckham.

The second hotel is the London Bridge Hotel which is located close to London Bridge Station. This four-star property has modern guest rooms with air conditioning and flat screen TVs. They offer complimentary tea/coffee making facilities along with an onsite bar/restaurant serving delicious meals throughout the day or evening dining options if you prefer to stay in your room while enjoying dinner or snacks from their extensive menu choices. Prices here range from moderate to high depending on the type of room you book but overall it's worth it for its great location near popular attractions such as Borough Market and Tate Modern Museum Gallery nearby.

Finally, the last option is the Comfort Zone Camberwell which offers budget accommodation without compromising on quality service or comfort levels due to its spacious guest rooms equipped with air conditioning, flat screen TVs and private bathrooms complete with toiletries provided by Comfort Zone Hotels Group Ltd.. The prices here are similar to those found at a Premier Inn but vary depending on what type of room you choose so make sure to check out all your options before booking!

If you're looking for the nearest Premier Inn then head towards Stratford where there is one situated just 10 miles away from Peckham - around 20 minutes by car or train journey depending on traffic conditions!