Premier Inn

Premier Inn Roslin

No, unfortunately there is no Premier Inn in Roslin, UK. However, if you're looking for a hotel that's similar to Premier Inn, then the two best choices are the Rosslyn Hotel and The Langside Hotel.

The Rosslyn Hotel offers comfortable rooms with modern amenities at an affordable price. It also has an on-site bar and restaurant that serves up delicious meals throughout the day. Plus, its location is perfect for exploring the nearby countryside or visiting attractions such as Rosslyn Chapel.

The Langside Hotel also offers clean and comfortable rooms with modern amenities at a competitive rate. Its convenient location makes it easy to access all of Roslin's top attractions such as Roslin Castle and Newbattle Abbey. Additionally, it features a pub where guests can enjoy traditional Scottish food and drinks during their stay.

Both hotels offer great value for money which is comparable to Premier Inn’s prices. Although neither of these hotels are affiliated with Premier Inn, they still offer a similar level of service and comfort which makes them great options for those looking for budget-friendly accommodation in Roslin.

If you're looking for a Premier Inn near Roslin then your nearest option would be located in Edinburgh - approximately 15 miles away from Roslin. It's easily accessible by car or public transport and provides guests with comfortable rooms at an affordable price point - just like any other Premier Inn across the UK.