Premier Inn

Premier Inn Trevalga

Unfortunately, there is no Premier Inn in Trevalga, UK. But don't worry, there are still plenty of great hotels in the area that offer a similar experience to Premier Inn.

The three hotels that are most like Premier Inn are: The Cornish Arms Hotel, The Royal Standard Hotel and The Stag Inn. All three offer excellent accommodation with modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi, on-site restaurants and bars, and comfortable rooms. Plus, they all provide great customer service and excellent value for money – something that Premier Inn is known for.

The Cornish Arms Hotel is situated right in the heart of Trevalga village and offers spacious rooms with views over the harbour. It also has a restaurant serving traditional Cornish cuisine as well as an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy a pint or two while admiring the stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

The Royal Standard Hotel is located just outside Trevalga on the coast and boasts breathtaking sea views from its luxurious rooms. As well as offering modern amenities such as complimentary breakfast every morning and an indoor pool, this hotel also has a bar serving local ales and ciders from nearby breweries.

Finally, The Stag Inn is located just down the road from Trevalga in nearby Boscastle village. This cosy inn provides comfortable accommodation along with an on-site pub serving delicious homemade food throughout the day.

All three of these hotels offer prices that are similar to those of Premier Inn – although it's always worth shopping around for deals before booking your stay!

If you're looking for a more authentic experience than what these hotels have to offer then you might want to consider staying at one of Cornwall's many bed & breakfasts or holiday parks instead. However if you're after something more familiar then your best bet would be to head south towards Plymouth where there is a Premier Inn located just 8 miles away from Trevalga!