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Premier Inns in the UK

This section of the website provides comprehensive information on Premier Inns located throughout the United Kingdom. You can find out if a particular town has a Premier Inn, locate the nearest Premier Inn to your desired destination, and discover which hotel is the best alternative in towns without a Premier Inn. With this helpful information, you can easily plan your stay and ensure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Premier Inn


Lancaster     Edmonstone     Dry Street     Chesterfield     Awre     Kirkburn     Elmswell     Foxfield     Thorpe Green     Hemyock     Blackhillock     Ardwell     Llangattock-Vibon-Avel     Rothbury     Tranwell     Peter's Green     Uachdar     Humbie     Littleport     Bogniebrae     Normanton on Trent     Rushton Spencer     Cullompton     Midsomer Norton     Muir of Fowlis     Skelton Green     Low Ham     Luddenham Court     Atterby     Baldock     Upper Norwood     Corranbuie     Kirkney     Torphins     Walton     Shieldaig     Wednesbury     Muchra     Horham     Cloughton    

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