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Spend your holiday at a beautiful seaside B&B or Hotel in England or Wales

Whether looking for a seaside bed and breakfast in an action filled resort town, or just looking to have a quiet relaxing holiday in a seaside cottage, you’ll find just what you need in our directory of UK seaside towns. Many of the featured towns are ancient maritime towns with a rich history. If you enjoy lounging on white sand beaches you may want to stop by the beautiful seaside towns of Bude, Broadstairs, Llandudno, and Conway. If you’re the type who prefers the splendor of a shingle beach you ought to stop by the picturesque seaside towns of Brighton, Sidmouth, and Hayling Island.

No matter what type of holiday you prefer you’ll find wide selection of seaside hotels, England and Wales are full of beautiful and exciting seaside towns. Once you’ve decided on which amazing destination you’d like to enjoy on your next holiday, our directory of hotels can help you choose an incredible bed and breakfast, seaside. If you prefer we also have listings for many luxury seaside hotels, UK travel has never been so simple.

If you’re looking for a party these UK seaside towns should be just the place for you

The fantastic seaside towns of Rhyl, Tenby, and Aberystwyth are all exciting resort towns filled with amazing seaside hotels. These towns are best for travelers who enjoy a combination of gorgeous sandy beaches and high energy night life. They all have fun filled piers with the obligatory penny arcade. There are cheap seaside hotels perfect for Uni students looking for a fun filled holiday, as well as luxury seaside hotels for the more mature traveler. For those who prefers heart pounding excitement while on holiday may want to consider booking a seaside B&B in the town of Blackpool.

Aside from boasting the same sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife of other resort towns, this seaside town also boasts an amusement park. Imagine stepping out of your B&B, seaside sights all around you, and just a few minute’s walk down the beach you can hop on a roller coaster for the ride of your life. If you’re the type of person who prefers to engage in water sport while on holiday a seaside inn at Newquay would probably be the perfect place for you. This exciting seaside town boasts some of the best surfing in the UK, and you’re likely to meet many other surfing enthusiasts while riding the waves. When the sun sets you can enjoy the fantastic nightlife of this seaside town with all the new friends you’ve made on the water.

The best seaside towns for those who prefer a peaceful holiday

For those who are using a holiday to a seaside town as a way to escape the stress and noise of the city, in lieu of a high energy resort town you may seek a place where one can quietly relax on the beach just listening to the waves break on the shore while reading a book.. If you’re truly looking to get away from it all and recharge you may want to consider a holiday to the seaside towns of Aldeburgh, Whitby, Southwold, Anglesey, or Padstow. Many of these quiet seaside towns are still home to working fishermen and colourful fish markets. Thanks to the bustling fishing industry in these seaside towns you can dine on some of the best seafood in the UK. You can avoid the commotion of the large crowds and rambunctious university students attracted by the high energy resort towns and spend a peaceful holiday in a charming B&B, seaside.

How to find the best hotel in seaside towns, even on a limited budget

Most everyone would love to spend their holiday in luxury seaside hotels, but not everyone can afford to. There are plenty of comfortable and cheap seaside hotels for those on a limited budget. The best seaside hotels are the ones that offer great access to the beach, remember you are going on holiday to visit the beach, not sit in your hotel room. Often times great deals can be found in the off season. Traveling during the off season offers more benefits than just saving you money on your seaside bed and breakfast, the town will be less crowded and you will most likely be able to find great deals on dining and entertainment.

For those who dislike traveling in the off season an upscale seaside hotel may be slightly out of budget. For those people you may want to consider seaside hotels that are a bit further from the beach, most of which still offer great ocean views, make sure your seaside B&B is still within easy walking distance of the beach,. Even if you’re not in a seaside hotel sandy beach walks, and ocean adventures will still be just a few minutes away.

Choosing a sea side bed and breakfast that is a short distance from the beach will also keep you closer to the attractions in the city, charming shops, great restaurants, vibrant pubs, and fantastic local entertainment. Many times people forget that seaside towns have so much more to offer than just a beach. We hope you enjoy your holiday to one of the UK’s lovely seaside towns.

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