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Hotels near London Tube Stations

We have listings of the best hotels near London Underground stations

We have excellent resources to help you find a bed and breakfast or hotel near a tube station in London. Once you have decided which underground station would make the most convenient location for your London holiday simply type its name into our "search" feature. You will be directed to dozens of amazing hotels and B&B near the tube station of your choice. You will find our hotel directory to be streamlined and easy to use. We even sort our listings according to price which will make it very simple for you to compare B&B and hotels near tube stations.

Try a hotel near London Underground, it makes choosing accommodations a breeze

With over a thousand accommodations to choose from booking a hotel in London can be overwhelming. One can spend countless hours browsing the internet trying to make a decision. Perhaps a better way to go about things is by searching with transportation in mind. Tube stations can provide excellent reference points to aid you in your search for the right hotel. By selecting hotels and B&B near tube stations you can position yourself to be just a short train ride from the attractions you want to see. This will help make your holiday a stress free affair, just like it’s meant to be.

Stay near the London Underground, hotels and B&Bs near tube stations save you money

Although London is an exciting city it can also be very expensive. By booking a hotel near a London Underground station you could save a fortune on transportation. Aside from walking or bicycling the tubes are the cheapest way to travel through London. If you do not decide to select a hotel near the London Underground you could end up seriously limiting your mobility or going way over budget by using taxis, and paying expensive tolls, car rental fees, and car park fees. With the money you save on transportation by choosing accommodations near tube stations you could enjoy a fine night on the town, and maybe even upgrade to a nicer hotel. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy a gourmet dinner and sleep in the lap of luxury than spend your money on cab fare?

Avoid traffic headaches, hotels near tube stations offer you amazing convenience

With millions of cars hitting the streets of London every day the tubes will get you where you want to go much faster than the crowded streets. By choosing a hotel near a tube station you will save yourself from ever experiencing the pain and frustration of sitting in traffic while visiting London. To help with the nightmarish conditions on the road the city has instituted a rather pricey congestion fee that you must pay in order to travel many of the roads in central London; there are stiff penalties for those who try to avoid the fee. Added to the stress of dense traffic and expensive fees is the issue of finding an elusive (and often times expensive) car parking space. Simply by choosing accommodations near London Underground stations you will save yourself the aggravation and expense of circling the city at a snail’s pace in search of car parking. Imagine how much more time and money you will have to enjoy London just by staying at a hotel near a tube station.

There are a wide variety of B&B and hotels near London Underground stations

Some people may have reservations about the quality or diversity of accommodations available near the underground, hotels and B&Bs of all types can be found near tube stations. True, some of the hotels near underground stations can be a bit underwhelming, but it really depends on what area you choose for your stay. With over 300 underground stations in the city of London the hotels and bed and breakfasts near tube stations are as diverse as the city itself. You can find quaint family owned Bed and breakfasts near the London Underground, hotels of high caliber boasting five stars and offering ultimate luxury, and any accommodation in between. Even the Ritz hotel, a five star establishment, is just a few minute’s walk from a tube station.

How to select the right London underground hotel for you

Instead of spending hours staring at the computer in abject frustration as hotels and B&B begin to run together focus instead on which tube station would best suit your needs. Start by searching the internet for the sites that you would most like to see (Buckingham Palace, designer shops, etc.), there will more than likely be listings of nearby tube stations. There is a fantastic map of the London underground system for free on Google. Print off a copy of the underground map and plot the points of the attractions you would like to see. This will give you a great idea of which underground station would provide the greatest convenience. Once you’ve found the underground station that can connect you with the most sites you’d like to see in the shortest amount of time you may begin searching for accommodation in earnest. Due to the large number of fine hotels and cozy bed and breakfasts available near the London Underground you will have a wide selection of accommodation near the underground station of your choice. All that’s left is to decide which Underground hotel best meets your expectations and price point.


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