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Welcome to our Ireland Bed and Breakfast directory. Whether you are planning to visit Ireland from the UK or live in Irleand and are looking for a B&B you have come to the right place. On this site you will find one of the largest selection of Ireland B&B accommodation available on the web. 

In addition to Ireland Bed and Breakfasts we also list Hotels, Farmhouse, Inns and Motels. To find a B&B in Ireland, simply type the name of the town you are visiting into the search box on the right.

Once you have found your Ireland Bed and Breakfast, use our directory to find Things to Do on your stay. Again using the search box, type the town name and click ‘Local Businesses & Things to Do’ for our complete list. 

BB Ireland your source for accommodation in Ireland

Whether visiting the bustling streets of Galway and Kilkenny or enjoying the lovely seaside village of Wexford B&B Ireland will help you find the perfect hotel in Ireland. BB Ireland lists more B&Bs and hotels in Ireland than anyone else on the internet. Our listings include Ireland bed and breakfasts in popular tourist destination as well as areas less traveled. If you’re looking for accommodations in Waterford, Dundalk, Bra, Navan, Newbridge, Mullingar, or any other town you can think of, we have listings. Whether you plan on traveling in style or backpacking while staying in cheap hotels, Ireland can be affordable on any budget.

Not sure where to stay in Ireland? Here’s some Ireland B&B tips

With all the fantastic destinations in Ireland: Cork, Limerick, and Naas just to name a few, choosing a destination for your holiday may prove just as difficult as selecting the best B&B in Ireland. Before making decisions on any B&Bs or Hotels in Ireland, map out your trip and consider what type of accommodations you require. If you’re the type of person who cannot live without colour TV, air conditioning, and room service one of the larger chain hotels in Ireland may be the place for you. For those who plan on first class travel while touring Ireland, hotels of a more luxurious nature are available in the larger cities. If you’re the more adventuresome type a bed and breakfast or one of the many cottages in Ireland may be a better option. The Ireland B&B network makes it easy to locate one of the many family owned B&Bs in Ireland, there’s even an Ireland B&B guide available. Often times a family owned bed and breakfast will provide you with more information about local hot spots than a large chain hotel in Ireland. This will give you the opportunity to really see the area through the eyes of a local, and maybe find some hidden gems missed by other travelers.

Tired of tourism? Try spending time in a bed and breakfast in Ireland that’s off the beaten path

You many think that popular destinations such as Westport, Carlow, Athlone, and Bantry would make a great holiday destination… but so do many other people. If you’re sick of all the tourism, Ireland has many other wonderful destinations off the beaten path. The city of Swords, just eight miles north of Dublin boasts a fantastic castle and convenient transport to Dublin. You will find that accommodations in cities surrounding major tourist attractions are more affordable, have great transportation to places of interest, and even have some fairly lively entertainment of their own. One might also consider a nice weekend break in Ennis, a lovely city set along the banks of the River Fergus, or one of the many other quiet towns in the Irish countryside. Where ever you decide to spend your holiday you’ll surely enjoy yourself at a fine hotel or B&B in Ireland.

Looking for Ireland accommodations you can afford? Let B&B Ireland be your guide

This is our very own Ireland B&B guide for the budget traveler. You could spend your vacation in dodgy cheap hotels, Ireland has its fair share of those, or you could find far nicer accommodation, Ireland has its share of that as well. Wait until three months before your holiday to begin looking for your Ireland B&B and you’ll find discounted rates. Not only does BB Ireland offer the largest selection of B&Bs and hotels in Ireland, we also offer discounted rates for rooms that hotels and B&Bs in Ireland have been unable to rent. Another excellent strategy for getting discounted rates is by sacrificing location for price, for example if you want to visit the city of Drogheda you may be able to save a bundle from staying in one of the surrounding villages. Whether you decide to go with a cheap hotel or a nice bed and breakfast, Ireland will surely have what you need.

How to pack for your holiday to Ireland, accommodation must be taken into account

Remember when packing for your holiday to Ireland, hotels (especially cheap ones) and B&Bs may have limited storage space. You may want to reference an Ireland B&B guide before packing your bags; you may also find useful information from the Ireland B&B Network. Unless you’ve decided to rent one of the apartments or cottages in Ireland it would probably be best to fit everything you need in one bag. One of the most important things to remember, especially during the winter months is to avoid packing cotton (the Irish call it the death fabric) which can easily absorb large amounts of water, if you’re caught in a rural area in a rainstorm this could lead to hypothermia; Gore-Tex is a vastly superior fabric. Don’t stress too much while packing for your holiday to Ireland, bear in mind that they do sell toothbrushes, under

garments, and anything else you may forged on the emerald isle. Once you’ve arrived if you have any doubts about what attire may be appropriate for your various breaks and outings it may do you well to consult the owner of your bed and breakfast, Ireland is a beautiful country but can be dangerous for the ill prepared.


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